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Coming Summer 2024!

For students going into Kindergarten thru age 8.  

Teens 13 to 16 years old are invited to apply to participate in our Pre-Apprenticeship internship where they will assist our Nature Camp Educators.  Once in high school, Pre-Apprentices can earn Early Childhood Education college credits and then go on to become Apprentices, obtaining their associates degree and having the majority of their tuition/fee costs reimbursed at the end of each semester.

Dry Sticks

Summer Nature Camp Overview ----------

Our Spring Creek School Summer Nature Camp is THE place for kids who love to be outside, are naturally inquisitive, learn best through hands-on experiences, and like to have fun!  We utilize some of Flathead counties most beautiful woods, streams, and green spaces to explore and the various trails to hike.  In our daily excursions, we immerse ourselves in the sights, sounds, textures, and smells of the natural world around us.  Each week focuses on a unique, creative theme; activities in all sessions take place exclusively outdoors.  We hope your child will join us for a truly enjoyable summer of learning about the diversity of habitats and the cool critters that dwell within the area through environmental games, nature crafts, animal encounters, mud-mucking, stream searching, and more!

Image by Xavi Cabrera
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