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The demand for child care is rising and Flathead County is already considered a child care desert for infant care, which means waitlists are long.  Support your working families with Priority Waitlists and Dedicated Spaces, so that your employees can have access to quality child care and education.


DEDICATED SPACE: Provide your employees with automatic access to a spot at The Birds Nest - Early Learning Village for full-time or part-time enrollment.


PRIORITY WAITLIST: Give your working parents first dibs at The Birds Nest - Early Learning Village, even if there's a wait.

When you provide families with access to quality child care, you make it easier for them to blend work with life.  Your business will share in the benefits through more productive and engaged working parents.


Help your employees manage the cost of child care with Tuition Subsidy or Tuition Subsidy+.  Your employee will qualify for a tuition discount starting at 5% when a portion of tuition is subsidized by your business.


Tuition Subsidy and Tuition Subsidy+ are our most popular employer-sponsored benefits option, because when bundled with Priority Waitlist and/or Dedicated Space, businesses can reduce their employees child care costs by up to 100%.

Here's how it works:

We'll collaborate with you on customizing the best bundle for your business and choosing the percentage of tuition discount and subsidy you'd like to offer your employees.  So, no matter where (or how) they work - in the field, on-site, at home, or hybrid - you can provide access to quality education and care at The Birds Nest - Early Learning Village.

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