Complete a

Pre-Enrollment Waitlist Form

Once an opening or potential opening becomes available, you will be contacted with details and to schedule a tour. 


Schedule a Tour

A tour is an opportunity for you and your child to check out the environment.  It is also an opportunity for you and I to determine if The Birds Nest will be a good fit for your child.

Please bring your child(ren) to the tour and a Student Resume!


Confirm Enrollment

To confirm your spot in our program, your first tuition payment (half of the 1st months tuition) must be made within 24 hours of being offered the opening.


 Families can choose to pay quarterly, monthly or twice a month.


Payments can be made via eCheck, cash, check, or credit card.


Complete Enrollment Documents


All enrollment documents enclosed in the welcome packet should be reviewed.  Please note that in addition to completing all enrollment documents, you will need to provide immunization 

records and if your child is under two years of age, a pediatric health statement must be signed by a physician.


First Day Checklist


You will find a helpful first day checklist here:

Please remember all enrollment documents are due by their first day in school. 

Steps to Complete Enrollment

Enrollment Documents

The Birds Nest Policies, Principles, Policies, & Enrollment Documents are revised regularly.​

Last revised January of 2021 - Corinne Kuntz

(Must be signed by a doctor)

(Supplied by family - Form updated annually)

(Required for OTC or Prescription Meds)

(Brightwheel link for enrolled families)