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Our Vision

Inspired by Waldorf/Montessori 

philosophy & natural play-based learning, The Birds Nest envisions children as active navigators of their own learning.  We foster experimentation, independence, a sense of wonder & discovery.  We let kids’ minds soar & allow them to discover who they are going to be on their own, as opposed to pushing them through predefined lessons.


Why The Birds Nest

There is a vast difference between babysitting and The Birds Nest. Babysitting is the supervision of and care for children; meeting minimal basic needs. A program designed for young children involves not only keeping them safe, but enveloping them in love and a high-quality learning environment. It is well-established that the human brain makes exponentially more synapses from ages 0 to 5 than during any other period. This time is critical to encourage exploration, play, relationships, and confidence-building to establish the intrinsic interest to be a life-long learner. The Birds Nest provides a well-designed indoor and outdoor space, inspiring learning experiences, and uncommon conveniences. As a busy family with young children, we know that a little extra on our side means a little more time and a little less stress on your side.


At The Birds Nest, we strive to achieve the perfect balance to maximize our potential of supporting the “early years are learning years” – learning, fun, and care with superior quality.  We have compiled years of child-development and early childhood education research, and countless hours of thought and experience to enhance every detail of development at The Birds Nest. Here is a short introduction to some of the unique ways that we believe help answer the question, “Why The Birds Nest?”.


Parents can rest assured knowing their children are in a secure building and in a safe Kalispell neighborhood.  Located only 1.5 miles from the Kalispell Fire Department and 0.7 miles from the Kalispell Regional Medical Center.

Family Inspired: 

TBN is founded by a family with young children who sought out high-quality care/education, & wanted it to be available in Kalispell. We dreamed of this for our children…so it was created big enough for yours too!

Learning Environment: 

We are continuously improving our environments to create a holistic inquiry and play-based atmosphere that allows children to guide their own learning interests & focus on the process not the product.


We offers unique amenities and conveniences like... 

  • Program-provided supplies.

  • Organic baby food.

  • Healthy family styles meals.

  • Non-toxic hand soap, cleaners, and disinfectants!


The Birds Nest provides a home-like environment. Children will be treated to family-style meals, ample outdoor learning/play time, and even mixed-age groupings that enhance leadership qualities.


We do our best to avoid unexpected closures. We have low teacher turnover, allowing us to maintain low teacher : student ratios and support a healthy work-life balance.


If my families and/or teachers have unique needs, questions, or concerns, I listen and respond. My program is designed to support individual needs to the best of my abilities - for students, their families, and their teachers.

Date Night: 

Occasionally, families can sign up to have their children attend from 5-8pm for a night off with your significant other, friends, or for some much needed alone time! Events posted in our private Facebook page. 

Qualified Teachers: 

Program Directors and Full Time Early Childhood Teachers (ECTs) have (or are finishing) their degrees in Education / Development! Our Part Time assistants must complete over 100 hours of training in their first year. They are paid well and offered a variety of benefits!

Contact Us

Mrs. Corinne - Owner/Founder
Cell - 406.404.5645 (text preferred)
Fax - 406.730.5025

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