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Our Vision

Inspired by the Waldorf natural play-based learning philosophy, The Birds Nest envisions children as active navigators of their own learning.  We foster experimentation, independence, a sense of wonder & discovery.  We let kids’ minds soar & allow them to discover who they are going to be on their own, as opposed to pushing them through predefined lessons.


Why The Birds Nest

There is a vast difference between babysitting and The Birds Nest. Babysitting is the supervision of and care for children; meeting minimal basic needs. A program designed for young children involves not only keeping them safe, but enveloping them in love and a high-quality learning environment. It is well-established that the human brain makes exponentially more synapses from ages 0 to 5 than during any other period. This time is critical to encourage exploration, play, relationships, and confidence-building to establish the intrinsic interest to be a life-long learner. The Birds Nest provides a well-designed indoor and outdoor space, inspiring learning experiences, and uncommon conveniences. As a busy family with young children, we know that a little extra on our side means a little more time and a little less stress on your side.


At The Birds Nest, we strive to achieve the perfect balance to maximize our potential of supporting the “early years are learning years” – learning, fun, and care with superior quality.  We have compiled years of child-development and early childhood education research, and countless hours of thought and experience to enhance every detail of development at The Birds Nest. Here is a short introduction to some of the unique ways that we believe help answer the question, “Why The Birds Nest?”.


Parents can rest assured knowing their children are in a secure building and in a safe Kalispell neighborhood.  Located only 1.5 miles from the Kalispell Fire Department and 0.7 miles from the Kalispell Regional Medical Center.

Family Inspired: 

TBN is founded by a family with young children who sought out high-quality care/education, & wanted it to be available in Kalispell. We dreamed of this for our children…so it was created big enough for yours too!

Learning Environment: 

We are continuously improving our environments to create a holistic inquiry and play-based atmosphere that allows children to guide their own learning interests & focus on the process not the product.


We offers unique amenities and conveniences like... 

  • Program-provided supplies.

  • Organic baby food.

  • Healthy family styles meals.

  • Non-toxic hand soap, cleaners, and disinfectants!


The Birds Nest provides a home-like environment. Children will be treated to family-style meals, ample outdoor learning/play time, and even mixed-age groupings that enhance leadership qualities.


We do our best to avoid unexpected closures. We have low teacher turnover, allowing us to maintain low teacher : student ratios and support a healthy work-life balance.


If my families and/or teachers have unique needs, questions, or concerns, I listen and respond. My program is designed to support individual needs to the best of my abilities - for students, their families, and their teachers.

Date Night: 

Occasionally, families can sign up to have their children attend from 5-8pm for a night off with your significant other, friends, or for some much needed alone time! Events posted in our private Facebook page. 

Qualified Teachers: 

Program Directors and Full Time Early Childhood Teachers (ECTs) have (or are finishing) their degrees in Education / Development! Our Part Time assistants must complete over 100 hours of training in their first year. They are paid well and offered a variety of benefits!

Contact Us

Mrs. Corinne - Founding Owner
Cell - 406.404.5645 (text preferred)
Fax - 406.730.5025

Thank you for visiting!

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We love the Bird’s Nest.

The teachers are very kind and attentive, and skilled at creating a smooth transition at drop off time, especially if your child is experiencing a rough start to their morning- which can happen to even the most excited little student. We feel very lucky to have found the Bird’s Nest, and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking childcare.

- Gina

We love not having to bring food, diapering supplies and bedding.

We enjoy the small class size.

We love the curriculum and opportunities for being outside.

We enjoy the online/app updates and payment system.

We enjoyed the staff and other families.

We appreciate how much you and the center have advocated for childcare options and solutions in the Flathead.

- Kate

We absolutely love TBN and would recommend it to any parent seeking care for their children in the valley. Our daughter has been in two of the village classrooms. She expresses joy in being at school when she is dropped off and begs to go to school on days when she is under the weather and at home. The teachers are kind and caring, and Corinne is always very communicative. Five stars!

- Anna

As a parent there's always concerns about leaving your child under the care of someone else, but Corinne and all the amazing staff at The Bird's Nest quickly put our minds at ease. They truly care about your child and look forward to seeing them, spending time with them, and helping them grow and learn. We feel extremely lucky and blessed to have found such a wonderful place for our daughter to attend and we feel her life is positively influenced by the atmosphere they provide.

- Shawna

I just enrolled my little one. The owner Corinne Kuntz is really nice and helpful, she responded to my texts and questions quickly. The teachers are friendly, take good care of Leo and spend lots of time outside to enjoy fresh air. They send updates about my boys activities in real time. Very satisfy with the The Birds Nest!

- May

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